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YUP.  Ms. Vini Samuel stated in the newspaper when speaking about Public Works people that wasted thousands of work hours on computers watching adult themes: “You don’t announce those types of things on national TV.  Those are personnel issues.  That’s just errors in judgement that have long consequences, because you hurt people.  Management is about fixing things, not about breaking things down.”

Seriously Vini, are you kidding me?  Are you suggesting that management fix these issues without the transparency that you so righteously stand for  as a “church going woman?”  How can you even suggest that the public should not have been informed.  You are not talking management, you are talking “cover up.”   People look at what she is saying.  She wants to “Fix these issues?”

Can anyone find an anecdote for foot and mouth disease?  Quick Guy,  quick Stephen, quick  someone speak for me….”Fortunately for the city, I have the relationship with my legislators….”



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