Reluctant Candidate, Again?

“I think I truly am a reluctant candidate and I really do hope another good candidate files and I will drop out if they are a good candidate.”  These words were spoken by Dan Wood in the story referenced below.

So what has changed, Mr. W.?  By running for council  are you on just another lark?  Another county commission seat so you can join your pal Vini in resigning early?  Another school board member?  Or, oh wait did another highly placed political person from Olympia (Senator) threaten to throw you out of the window again?  There is so much more to come but for now: Inquiring minds REALLY want to know.

Resign Early, Resign Often

Vote Dan Wood for City Council.

10:02 am – May 16, 2013Updated: 10:50 am – May 17, 2013 The Vidette”

Creative Commons; TheaterFiguren.


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