Fantom “Reporter” Phalls Phlat. Again.

Time to put on your sad face. Let’s do a boo-hoo for a certain ex-editor. The poor disgruntled soul is on the outside looking in. He just hasnt gotten the memo yet. He’s so desperate to be relevant, he’s pretending he attended Tuesday nights candidate forum at the Bishop Center. Or was that his imaginary friend? His non-presence hasn’t stopped him from “reporting” on it as if he was there. What other fantasy “reporting” has he done?

At least we know he can copy press releases from his ghost writer.

What else has Vinis hubby and campaign manager been cranking out under cover of Dem-ness? How many strings did he pull getting ex-ed a job with the state after he got bounced out of the editor’s office?

Let’s cut the crap. You didn’t really think he “resigned,” didja?




Granny Enchanted; Creative Commons licence.













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