Interesting debate tonight held at the Bishop Center in Aberdeen. So many of you were not there to  decide how you are going to vote.  For the next four years these people will be running your government, making rules that affect you, taking your money.  Many of them talked about raising taxes.  They said that property tax increase was the only way to fund the needs of their city.  That one might have shook you up a little if you own any property.

Some candidates did not show up, or left early and  that left Mayor Bruce and Mayor Durney without a debate.  Then there was the  Port Commissioner race. An interesting debate but one candidate was not informed about property that the port owns. Then there was the ever charming challenger for Montesano Mayor.  Shortly after saying how much trust she would bring to the citizens, and how to get city hall back to being a place people want to call home, she proceeded to slice and dice the current Mayor Ken Estes, after copying almost every project he is currently working on. Lots of luck with that dog and pony show. Of course Mayor Osgood is always a good sport, and cares about Elma.  Mayor Dingler certainly held her own.  It was a good night.

I think what we have is much better than anything we might get!




One thought on “CAUTION VOTERS

  1. Harborites put great thought in every city government candidate. Look inside them at their heart and character. If I was voting I would vote for an all American, Godly character, family person and a local Grays Harbor born and raised person. If they don’t have these characteristics your going to get the same thing you already have-a corrupt, Socialist, unAmerican government. May the good Lord direct you. Good luck Harborites! Good luck to all candidates.

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