Not Much Choice in Monte Mayor’s Race

PlumberThere isn’t much to choose from in the Montesano political race this year.  We have Pollyanna who throws out statements saying she will provide things that sure sound good in the political rhetoric scene, but seriously free WiFi? Somebody has to pay….More fields and parks?   Somebody has to pay…..  If it were easy to fix the streets, don’t you think someone would have thought of it?  Somebody has to pay…And that downtown plan, what a beauty but once again: somebody has to pay.

I sure agree with her slogan “let’s work together to get things done.”  But wait, she told me specifically when I signed a check to help with her campaign that she would have fired those public works men that watched porno on city time while you citizens paid them.  I totally agreed with her then but now they are kissing up to her and being tagged by her on Facebook.  How how does she propose to hug and kiss the guys that she swore she would “have fired the whole bunch”?  Just another empty campaign promise from a candidate that will say what it takes to get elected?

Then there is Estes.  During his first year he terminated Public Works Director  because the director wouldn’t come in to the City and meet with him.  Not the first, or second, but the third time.  As a business man I would have had the director charged for stealing and fired him the first time he ignored me. Obviously  Estes has no spine.

Like I said, we don’t have much to choose from.

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4 thoughts on “Not Much Choice in Monte Mayor’s Race

  1. I agree to disagree with you on Mayor Ken Estes. I personally have known Ken Estes from years back. His character was always honest, trust worthy and caring for his fellow man. He is a very intelligent man who loves his Family, God and America. He was a VietNam Veteran and worked for Law enforcement. I believe any person who would put their life on the line for another is an all American- person I would back. On the negative issues about Mr. Estes, I always was taught. Hear both stories out and go somewhere in the middle for the truth. Just a born and raised Harborite’s opinion. Mr. Estes I just want to thank you for stepping up to the plate and making Montesano not only a beautiful town bu,t also a safe one. Mrs. Yeager.


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