Candi Bachtell considers herself a loyal Montesano Volunteer.  Did any of her loyal supporters ever ask her why she left a local philanthropist holding the bag on a facility he contracted with her to remodel?

Savory Faire was going to re-open at 315 W. Pioneer, but that plan has been quashed and the building sits vacant, a significant way through a thorough remodel.

Owner Candi Bachtell announced in late October — a week before the old location closed — that the business would re-open as a scaled-down operation at the West Pioneer location in Montesano sometime in December.

But after the building went through extensive remodeling and refurbishing by owner Paul Willis during the autumn and winter months, work abruptly stopped last month.

“Candi changed her mind,” Willis told The Vidette last week. “We’re working on getting somebody else in there, but we’ve had to put it on hold.”

A reporter for the Vidette reported that the contractor was right in the middle of putting a drive through at the location. Part of it has the cement on it and part of it just has the wooden frames waiting for the cement. The permit is still hanging in the windows.

Today  I drove by the facility he remodeled especially for her, and guess what it is still empty just like her promises. But where is Candi?  She loves and adores Montesano but not enough to keep her word.



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