First Indian American Female Mayor Wannabe And Other Tall Tales!


I believe that before I prepared a huge publicity piece about being the first Indian American Female Mayor, I may have lifted my head out and checked statistics.  They go on and on but here is just one..Inquiring minds will find more as you should have.  Is this just one of your many publicity stunts?  Did hubby think this was a good idea?  Stop lying to the citizens and relying on your ethnicity and gender.  What do you stand for?  Free Wifi?  Really?  Schools?  Can you say Double Taxation?

Washington Attorney Could Be First Indian American Female Mayor

“Montesano, Washington mayoral candidate Vini Samuel aced a primary election Aug. 4 and is on her way to becoming the nation’s first Indian American female mayor.  REALLY?”

“The candidate believes she has clinched the race. “I just need to keep my head down and stay out of trouble,” Samuel laughingly told India-West in a telephone interview. If elected, Samuel will also be Montesano’s first female mayor and its first minority mayor.”

Except for one thing. Posted on October 30, 2012:

On Apr. 10, Fremont Vice Mayor Anu Natarajan launched her campaign to become the nation’s first Indian American woman mayor. (Here I will increase the small print in case you need glasses.)

…mayoral candidate Anu Natarajan spent a recent Sunday precinct walking, like she has been doing for several weeks now, a handful of “Team Anu” volunteers in tow. She was hitting the homes of the still undecided, hoping to persuade them that she’s the best candidate to be Fremont’s next chief executive officer.

But Natarajan is the only female candidate, and if she wins, she will become the first Indian American mayor Fremont has ever had, as well as the first female Indian American mayor in the United States.

Sources:  Clearly influenced by the V & G Network:

Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2015 11:30 am


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