ElfWhen we last left off, we were discussing the attachment that Mr. Steven Friederich has to one of the mayoral candidates for Montesano, Vini Slamuel.  We discussed the fact that he was terminated from his Vidette editorship, and then immediately picked up by the state.  Read “Maybe Pigs CAN Fly” for more details.

Now for the new “juice”.  A Twitter post by Steven himself, Tweeting about himself:

“Wordsmith, paginator, photographer & social media strategist grad & former reporter at &, &

Did he purposely forget the Vidette?  Is there a reason?  A certain Angst?  We will discover the truth and “Cut Through the Crapola” as in the coming weeks we carefully dissect the Mythomania that is Steven Friederich, A Legend in His Own Mind.

Image credit: Public domain


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