Maybe Pigs CAN Fly?

As I mentioned yesterday this page will make you think. So are there coincidences? I don’t think so.

“I have  more than 15 years of experience working for small,medium and large newspapers in the Pacific Northwest and currently serve as a communications expert for a state agency.” True Statement from Steven Friederich.

“I also worked regularly with legislators and federal and state officials (Guy Bergstrom, “Message Coordinator” for the Washington State House Democrats’ Communication Staff?) as well as attorneys, and judges…”  Hmm another true statement.

But now lets connect the dots.  State agency+attorney = Profile: The Dems’ dynamic duo: a 2012 piece in The Daily World written by the later terminated  Vidette editor = new job in state government = Unparalleled loyalty for Mayoral Candidate from the other half of  the Dems’ Dynamic Duo?  You connect and I will be back tomorrow.


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